Button does not appear In Logo

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Button does not appear In Logo

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In addition, it is ideal for increasing brand awareness and advertising. In general, social networks do not convert into sales, they are means through which it is possible to show your brand to your target audience to increase visibility. Therefore, it is very important to manage them professionally so as not to damage your brand image. But, you may wonder why I am not able to increase my followers or I have so few visits to the profile? To do this, we will carry out a Social Ads strategy. Social Ad Strategy This strategy consists of achieving certain objectives in social networks through paid media, through advertising.

To make ads on the most photo retouching service common social networks, we generally do it from the same social network. For example, on LinkedIn we do it from Advertising that appears in the upper right part of the menu. Header LinkedIn Ads On Facebook we must do it from Facebook Business. In addition, we can also include synchronizing Instagram and launching our ads from this platform. At a professional level, it is the most recommended since it allows you to program ads and differentiate target audiences, create them yourself and set different objectives. In this platform, in addition, we can create different advertising accounts and, thus, manage different accounts. Facebook Social Ads Strategy As we have commented, to make ads on Instagram we can make them from Facebook Business.


But, it is also possible to create them from the Instagram application itself. Of course, only from mobile. We can do it by going to the publication that we want to promote and clicking on the “Promote” button. But what if this This is probably because your Instagram account is not professional. To create ads you must have a professional account and, therefore, a public profile. instagram ads Both in the case of LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram, once we click on the create ad or promote button we can first choose the objective of the ad. This can be to get interactions with the content, traffic to the web, reach or brand recognition among others. It all depends on the type of content. It is not convenient to choose a sales conversion objective, since generally what social networks are going to allow us is to increase brand awareness.