Personal attention from its website

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Personal attention from its website

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Beatriz is the founder of Fluidea, a consultancy that helps companies obtain the necessary subsidies to carry out their projects. Its objective is to end the lack of information that exists about the subsidies that companies and entrepreneurs can apply for. And to do this they advise, guide and obtain public subsidies for any project, business or investment. For me, it is important to convey an image of closeness, sympathy and empathy. I am not a gray manager who does not empathize with your business or project. BEATRIZ, FOUNDER OF FLUIDEA How do they use Lead2Team at Fluidea? They installed the Lead2Team widget on their website In this way, clients and potential clients who want to contact Fluidea through its website just have to click on the widget and choose who to talk to and through what channel.

To make web consultation easier for the user, they have created two teams: Subsidies and Administration. The contact channels that Beatriz has chosen are: WhatsApp, Email and Calendly appointment booking. Connection with your Sales CRM Phone Number List The web widget has helped them increase the contacts generated from the web, and they can also connect them automatically with the Fluidea CRM. Once the user leaves their data, the information automatically enters their CRM and this allows them to centralize lead management.Una tarjeta digital, que también es un widget web.


Lcomo link in bio en redes sociales, puedes usar la URL en el pie de email, o añadir el código QR en tus catálogos. ¡Hay un sin fin de posibilidades! En la web de La Santa Pari han instalado la tarjeta digital en formato Widget Web, para que los visitantes web puedan contactar con Joan Blasco través de WhatsApp, Email o Llamada y de esta forma centralizar todos los canales de contacto en una misma ventana para que el cliente contacte en un solo clic.

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