Mmoexp Skull and Bones Items: Sell Commodities in Demand

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Mmoexp Skull and Bones Items: Sell Commodities in Demand

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6. Sell Commodities in Demand
Keep an eye on settlements and traders to see which commodities are in Skull and Bones Silver high demand for better prices. Items not in demand will sell for less, indicated by a red arrow pointing down. Optimize your sales to maximize silver earnings.

7. Understand Wind Direction
The wind direction is crucial for navigation. An arrow on your speed dial indicates wind direction: red means against the wind (slower speed), green means with the wind (optimal speed). Adjust your sails accordingly for smoother sailing.

8. Raise Your Ship’s Rank
Starting with a basic Dhow, you’ll soon unlock blueprints for more powerful ships. Ships have ranks that act like gear scores, with a max rank of five. Equip better weapons, hulls, and furniture to raise your ship’s rank and survive tougher late-game enemies.

9. Specialize Your Ships
As you unlock more ships and weapons, you can specialize your builds. For example, the Padewakang excels with Bombard and Mortar weapons due to its explosive hit effects. Experiment with Skull and bones items for sale online different combinations to suit your playstyle and optimize performance.